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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I access the program?

Each organization has their own specific web address to access the program. Please contact your association to ensure you are registering in the correct program.

Can I complete the program on my iPhone or iPad?

Respect Group is in the process of creating all of our programs as mobile apps for iPad/iPhone and Android devices. We will have more information about this exciting development towards the end of 2016.  In the meantime, third party apps such as the Puffin browser (available free from iTunes and Google Play) will provide a seamless experience on any mobile device.

I can’t log in, what may be wrong?

If you experience trouble logging in to the system, please confirm the following:

You are entering your username exactly as entered when you completed the registration process

You are entering your password exactly as entered when you completed the registration process.  Remember, passwords are case sensitive.  If you originally entered a password using all capital letters, all small letters, or a combination of both, the entry on login must match.

I can’t remember my username or password, how can I retrieve it?

  •  To retrieve username, click on “Recover Username”
  • To retrieve password, click on “Reset Password”


Can I apply my certificate to another sport or organization?

Yes, you can transfer your certificate to another Respect Group program as long as it is the same program type.

  • Parent Program certificates can be transferred to any other Parent Program
  • Respect in the Workplace program certificates to any other Respect in the Workplace program.

I have been a target or witness to abuse/bullying or harassment, who do I call?

If you have witnessed or been the target of abuse/harassment/bullying or neglect, you are obligated to report it.  By reporting, you are protecting yourself and other potential victims.

To identify whom you should report the incident to consult the handouts section of the Respect Group Inc. program.

In the case of an emergency, dial 911 without delay.

Does Respect Group share my information with anyone?

Respect Group takes your privacy as a serious matter.  Our privacy policy is available throughout the Respect Group site and may be found located on the bottom banner or every page.

Respect Group will make user and certification records available only to the organization or agency requesting we make the program available.  This is done for purposes of certification verification.

Respect Group may also provide user information to third party related agencies, but only if the organization we make the program available to has requested this.  As an example, a person may certify in the sport of hockey for a specific region.  If that region has agreed to share that certification information with the national body governing hockey, this information will be transmitted.

Respect Group will not sell, rent or provide any user information to any agency, group or individual unless specifically requested to do so by the organization requesting the program.

Respect Group cannot accept responsibility for the privacy of any information once it has been provided to the organization requesting the program.


Respect Group takes your privacy seriously. By submitting a request for information by email to a general or specific Respect Group email address, your are consenting to have a representative of Respect Group contact you by email.