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Parent Program

Increasingly, sport organizations have to deal with the unruly and disrespectful parents of players and the effect they have on the team, the other parents, and even their own children. The Respect in Sport Parent Program, Canada’s only online training and certification program, compliments Respect in Sport for Coaches/Activity Leaders. This program reinforces a parent’s role by encouraging positive sport behaviors and providing insight into other roles, such as coaches and officials, play. The Respect in Sport Parent program empowers parents to ensure their child’s safety, encourages positive and effective communication, and creates a standard of respectful behavior for all parents of active kids.

Program Elements

Using guilt on your child
Misplaced enthusiasm
Making the “bigs”
Losing perspective
Handling winning and losing
Balance not burnout
Making the team
Injury Management
Physical Development
Establishing positive relationships with referees, coaches, teammates, opponents & other parents
Ensuring safe environments through better understanding of bullying, abuse and harassment
User-friendly technology for parents and organizations
For the User

  • Simple registration and access
  • Engaging multimedia content
  • Conveniently “come and go” and reenter the program where the user left off
  • On-going online resource
  • 24 X 7 technical support
For the Organization

  • Easily administered hierarchical database
  • Administrators may be defined by hierarchy
  • Comprehensive tracking/status reports
  • User certification
  • Certified user portability
Why should your sport organization implement the Respect in Sport Parent Program?
  1. To ensure a commitment to the safety of all participants
  2. To enhance communication between parents, organization staff, coaches, officials, etc.
  3. To enable your organization, staff, and volunteers mitigate liability
  4. To provide parents detailed knowledge about preparing a young athlete for practices, games and other activities
  5. To help  to retain recreation leaders, coaches, officials, and volunteers
  6. To make a value-based statement on behalf of your organization to all stakeholders

One of the most common reasons coaches, managers, and officials, of all ages, cite for leaving sport is unacceptable parent behaviour. The Respect in Sport Parent Program will help define a model of behaviour for all parents and create a more rewarding, safe and respectful environment for everyone involved.

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